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The Mirandable

I've have always believed that life has so much to offer, so why not do the things you love and the things that scare you? I love to create and I am also terrified of putting myself out there, but it's the little things that make life memorable. This is my outlet to simply be me, put to also use my outlet to bring knowledge and awareness to the things that matter most to me. Please, follow along my journey of self-exploration, travel, college life, mental health awareness, and so much more. 

Reflections by Miranda Rodriguez

In the mirror's harsh reflection, I see all my imperfections staring back at me. From the thickness of my thighs to the rolls on my side. Failing to have pride in what I feel inside.

Thick girls are told to love their bodies, while others say to be flawless, perfect, and thin. I can hear their whispers as they stare down at my skin, always giving me a grin.

Some are obsessed with making me thin, others are impressed with the size of my breasts.

If it's not them, then it's just me, failing to see my beauty indeed. Yet sometimes I wish I could press delete on all the parts I hate to see.

Yet, I'm a preacher that each body is unique and kind. Each scar tells a story that we leave behind. For the body of women is designed with figures of strength and love to go above what we're capable of.

There are times I believe myself and others I don't. Then I remind myself of the ultimate goal... to celebrate the curves, coles, and thighs, for they continue to give me life. I will cherish the body that I call my own, and let the girl in the reflection know that she's not alone.


About the Poem:

By publishing this post, I am sharing one of the most vulnerable parts of my life. That being said, I am well aware that I am not the only one who feels this way. I wrote this poem to express the emotions behind insecurities, and while I do feel this way sometimes, it is not the way that I feel all the time. This poem expresses the battle between fighting with people who want to make you thin, while also fighting with people who idolize your body for the wrong things. Beauty is subjective, I know, but beauty extends way beyond what you see on the outside. This poem is meant to showcase a part of myself that I don't like to share, but it's also meant to reach out to those who feel the same way. I want others to know that they are not alone in their feelings, but most importantly that their beauty extends way beyond their bodies, who they are as a person is beautiful.


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I hope you all follow along my journey of self-exploration, travel, college life, mental health awareness, and so much more. 

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